Critical Thinking Certificates – NOW!

Our new website [] is setup with two sides or parts:

1. The PUBLIC part offers this BLOG, articles (24),
videos (9), descriptions of our standard “on-site” workshops (5),
blended learning ideas, and the CONTACT Form that enables communication back to us.

2. The free MEMBER part adds more videos (2), audios (13),
more articles (9), and access to purchase any of our newly
available e-Learning courses and modules (11). The e-Learning courses
cover all our standard content in self-paced online
training. They enable us to work with individual
learners as coaches and are the core of our two
certificate programs [Troubleshooter I Certificate; and
College Senior Critical-Thinking Certificates (3).]

Visit the website, enroll as a member and access the additional content.  There are three courses of study accessible on the member portal page.  Two concern the certificate programs and the third is an OPEN unstructured course of study members can select from for their own personal development.

We are excited about helping college students transition from their academic environment into the world of organizations. We also look forward to continuing our work with expert problem solvers giving them the tools they need to rapidly solve problems with our logically convergent methods.  These complement the divergent tools most teams are familiar with (e.g. brainstorming, fishbone diagramming) which are missing important critical thinking steps.

Introductory information about the certificate programs is available in the ARTICLES and VIDEOS section of the PUBLIC part of the website.